Upcoming Fundraiser

On September 21st we are partnering with Blaze Pizza to raise funds for our cause. In order to participate in our fundraising night, present the physical or electronic flyer to the cashier. If you order online, make sure you use promo code 1059A and you'll receive a 0.01$ discount. See you there! 

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Inspiring Impactful Change

At Tunes For Kidz, our main goal is to provide children from every background with musical instruments. We accept cash and instrument donations. Our initiative is to take instruments not in use anymore and provide them to young children. By donating cash you are helping us buy and repair instruments to give back 


Support us even without cash donations

Music education is a fundamental skill for children. Children who are exposed to music have lower anxiety and higher test scores than their peers. Through donations and volunteering we have been able to educate kids about writing music and expressing themselves through lyrics. We host volunteering at various organizations and have Piece of the Week (Our Blog). Our Piece of the Week (POW) highlights different music literature. By signing up for volunteering or subscribing to POW, you can support us by being a pivotal part of music education.


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