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  • Samuel Igbo

Juan Pablo Contreras

"Contreras’s writing feels fun and serious, fractured and coherent, modern and traditional." Brandon Rolle New Classic LA

Classical music is such a diverse field of music in the way it was composed and interpreted by instrumentalists 300 years ago to the present time. Music, in general, continues to evolve through up-and coming composers, interpretations, and various forms of culture that shape our art forms today. However the preservation of classical music through various symphonic works, sonatas, and concertos, as well the composer's intention never fails to change, which is what keeps the strong integrity of the piece that thrives on and continues to incite emotions in various audiences.

However, Guadalajara-born composer Juan Pablo Contreras most perfectly combines the technicality and interesting phrasing ideas of Western classically-influenced motifs, with the ever-so exciting character and emotion present in Latin American music. Therefore, a refreshing feeling from various audiences is present in every performance given across the world.

Juan Pablo Contreras, born 1987 in Guadalajara, Mexico, is the youngest Latin-Grammy Award winner. His works have been performed by 30 major orchestras in the North American, Latin American, and European regions. He holds degrees in compositions across the United States from top music schools such as the University of Southern California, the Manhattan School of Music, and the California Institute of the Arts. He has received commissions from various orchestras and influential artists such as the Jalisco Philharmonic, Carlos Miguel Prieto, and the LA Phil, among many others. His acclaimed work, Mariachitlán, which includes triumphant, silly, and heart-wrenching moments has debuted with the National Youth Orchestra 2 and Jalisco Philharmonic. But, above all, his passion for Mexican soul is reflected strongly throughout his compositions.

Contreras has made an impact on many audiences and aspiring composers in all parts of the world. His flawless combinations of both timeless Western classics and vernacular Latin influence has continued to convey a newly discovered feel of excitement, once again showing the pleasures of music making.

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