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  • Natalie Colegrove

Matt Maltese, an Artist Stuck at Home

Almost everyone reading this article right now is, or has lived through a pandemic.

Musicians are painfully aware of this fact. Matt Maltese, popularly known as the artist of song

“As The World Caves In” that went viral on TikTok, recently released his third full-length album, ‘Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow’ as a form of escapism during last year’s national lockdown.

“Good morning, it's April something

Heavy clouds with a chance of crying

‘Hi’ (Hi), said the Queen to the nation

A million dead and the music's playing”

(Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow - Matt Maltese)

Matt Maltese is an English singer-songwriter, well known for his silly but self-loathing

lyrics that can easily cause one to break a smile, or want to curl up in a dark corner. Like so

many others in 2020, Matt Maltese found himself stuck at home and dreaming of an escape.

“The pandemic made me very aware of the small things and the important things. It made the past feel even further away, which is why I think the album is so hopeful. It made me realise which relationships and connections are real and a true source of joy,” says Matt. GMINT is an album filled with romance and light-hearted ruminations on both love and the future, as well as continuing his search for something bigger than normal life.

“I never want to sound hopeless or like I get it, because I don’t. Life feels like a search but

that’s the whole point.” This album is Matt Maltese admitting that he doesn’t have the answers he once thought he did and, most importantly, finding peace in knowing that none of us ever will. Matt Maltese is my top artist of the year and one of my quickest favorites.

Matt Maltese congratulates you for waking up every morning and carrying on, despite

how difficult that can be. I urge you to experience this album for yourself.


Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow - Matt Maltese


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