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  • Natalie Smith

Women Who Rock: Lydia Night

Lydia Night is a 22 year old musician best known for headlining the band The Regrettes. At such a young age, Night’s music career is full of impressive credits and promises to keep growing.

Night grew up surrounded by music. Though her parents weren’t musicians themselves, they both loved music which rubbed off on Lydia. Lydia’s dad owned a music venue in New Orleans so Lydia experienced many live performances and soundchecks while she was growing up. She moved to California at a young age and attended many concerts with her Dad. She credits the moment she knew she wanted to be a musician to seeing The Donnas with her dad at age five and being amazed at seeing all the women performing on stage.

She grew up listening to bands like The Clash, The Ramones, The Cure, and The Cramps who have all influenced her music. Lydia’s music teacher growing up encouraged her to learn guitar through songwriting. Lydia has said that this technique helped turn her into the songwriter that she is today. She also notes that she didn’t receive traditional voice training but was encouraged to play around and find her own voice. All of this curated Night’s signature sound that is so popular today.

Lydia Night at Coachella 2023

Night has been in bands almost her whole life. Before The Regrettes, Lydia was in a band called Lila at age seven and a two piece band called Pretty Little Demons at age twelve. Lydia even got to perform at South by Southwest with Pretty Little Demons. She's gone on to play big festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza as the lead singer and guitarist of The Regrettes. The Regrettes are even set to open for YUNGBLUD on a leg of his upcoming tour this year.

As one of the founding members and lead singer of the Regrettes, Lydia has helped develop their sound over the years. Their first two albums Feel Your Feelings Fool and How Do You Love? have a youthful and punk vibe. In fact, Lydia was still in high school when their first album was released. The Regrettes' newest album, Further Joy, reflects a newer sound for the band. This pop album explores serious themes like body image and sexuality in its lyrics despite the upbeat sound of the record. You might’ve even heard their viral song from the album “Barely on My Mind” on TikTok.

Lydia Night is unapologetic about her ever-changing sound and raw messages as a young woman in the music industry. She always remains true to her passion for music and is authentically herself. There is no question that Night has a very impressive history with music for such a young person and is a very driven musician. Lydia Night is the very definition of a woman who rocks.

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