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  • Gabby Maresco

Jazmin Bean: A Whirlwind of Glitter and Guts

Alternative Electropop Nu-Metal? Now that’s a genre of music you don’t see every day! Jazmin Bean, with their eccentric, creepy-cute fashion style complete with all things pink and blood spatter, is one of a kind in both the music world and beyond.

From London, Filipino nonbinary artist, Jazmin Bean’s powerful sense of individuality is enough to sweep anyone off their feet. Their artistry was created as a direct retaliation against the uniform nature of the suburban environment they grew up in. As a self-proclaimed attention seeker, Bean is committed to performing for their own enjoyment, regardless of how weirded out it may make their audience. This is why instead of signing with a record label, they made their own— aswang birthday cake, so they can produce and release whatever they please without restriction.

Now, what exactly is this genre: Alternative Electropop Nu-Metal? Let’s break it down! Alternative music simply refers to anything outside of the mainstream media, and with their “blood and guts'' aesthetic, it’s no wonder why the general public isn’t Bean’s target audience. Then there’s Electropop, which is exactly what it sounds like— a combination of pop and electronic music! And Finally— Nu-Metal, Heavy Metal music mixed with another genre, such as rock or funk. Their music is a mix of all three of those genres. When asked about how they’d define their own genre, Bean relays how they’re not trying to limit themselves to a single genre, but rather just create whatever comes to their mind and formulate something unique to them.

Jazmin Bean considers themselves to be a full package deal, in how their visual, cinematic, fashion, and musical artistry all make up the artist they are. One song from their 2019 EP, Worldwide Torture, Saccharine, is a great instance of this. Musically, lyrically, theatrically, and aesthetically, it is a full course meal!

Saccharine captures the feeling of simultaneously loving someone and hating the fact that you love them. The lyrics range from sappy infatuation with lines like, “It’s sweet like Saccharine, what I’d do to have you sitting here next to me”, to grotesque, violent lines such as, “Looking at you makes me wanna gouge out my eyes, bloody surprise”. Similarly, the music continually changes from a harsh metal/rock sound to a light-hearted pop sound, with the verses being more intense and the choruses and bridge retaining a gentler sound.

These stark contrasts in the music and lyrics go hand in hand with Bean’s aesthetic. Visually, Saccharine’s music video, directed by Bean, is a whirlwind of pastels and gore. Dressed in poofy, pastel pink dresses, complete with ruffles and ribbons, surrounded by pastel, cutesy, and floral backgrounds, Bean’s aesthetic could definitely be described as cute! However, Bean’s seemingly harmless trip to the dentist in the music video, quickly turns into a blood bath as their dentist tears at their mouth until their dress is soaked in red. Their intense makeup makes them appear inhuman. Acting-wise, Bean also switches between an innocent persona, and a devious one, which further emphasizes the song’s theme of conflicting emotions. The way Bean connects their lyrics, music, theatrics, and costuming, is truly mesmerizing and really showcases their keen eye for creation.

They are boldly and unabashedly themselves in all the art they produce and share with the world, all whilst being an openly nonbinary artist. Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, oftentimes means receiving unwarranted cruelty, but for Bean, they power through any such cruel words, as in creating art for themselves and not to make an audience happy, they are committed to being themselves without apologizing.

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