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Partners and Donors

Partners & Resources: What We Do

Nashville Freedom Schools

In July, Tunes For Kidz and Nashville Freedom Schools partnered to help children understand the importance of song writing. This volunteering opportunity also included making an a song and trying different instruments.


Blaze Night 09/21

On the 21st Night of September, we hosted our first fundraising night ever! We are so happy that blaze was so supportive of our cause. We raised over 500$ on this night


Kid Kindness

Kid Kindness is all about spreading kindness to children in communities. Founded by Kristen Caminiti in 2017 they have directly impacted 26 sates and 4 countries.


Riley's Way

The Riley's Way foundation helps provides funds for Tunes For Kidz, so that we can provide kids with instruments and repair broken ones.

Music Notes


Tunes For Kidz is a fiscally sponsored project of the Arts

& Business Council of Greater Nashville, a nonprofit organization.


If you have any specific needs/questions please reach out to us and we would love to help you! Our email is

For lessons: 

W.O. Smith School of Music

Girls Write Nashville 

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